About Us


We are Puffy Heroes - a Dog-loving, customer-focused brand, which delivers high quality, fashion-forward clothing and accessories.

Our mission is to empower our community...

We all know that life can be a complex, unexpected rollercoaster, with twists and turns. Although we strive for better days, our dogs are always there to provide us with great comfort, solace and support. Our belief is that our dogs are our heroes!…. They bring joy and colour to our lives, and need to be celebrated.


Our clothing and accessories go through various research and development stages before they are available. Elements like the style, comfort and pattern of our products are hand-picked, in order to give you the best product experience possible.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves among our Customer Service, which is why we have a 30-day return policy. Not only this, but we also have a live chat service, so you can talk to one of our product reps on the home page!

Join the Hero Movement!

Puffy Heroes – our name not only empowers our dogs as Heroes, but we also wanted to prioritise comfort within the Pet Fashion industry.