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We offer 10% commission on every sale you generate! 🤑

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📝 Cover some of the perks our products. This is the most important part of your video and you should take time to thoroughly demonstrate each of the benefits you choose. You don’t need to mention all of the following, whichever you feel necessary.

Adjustable Harness 🦮

ADJUSTABLE - Fully adjustable straps, you can easily customise the harness to suit your dog's unique measurements, providing maximum comfort and support 🔒
COMFORTABLE - Crafted from soft and high-quality neoprene, the Puffy Heroes Dog Harness offers a comfortable and gentle feel against your dog's skin. The quick-drying neoprene material ensures that your dog stays dry even during active adventures 🐶
SAFE - Sturdy D ring that provides a secure attachment point for your leash, and prevents pulling and choking 🏥
FASHIONABLE - Over 7 stylish and eye-catching designs. From the trendy tie-dye dream pattern to other captivating styles 😎
MACHINE WASHABLE - Both machine washable and hand washable, allowing for easy maintenance and quick clean-up. Simply toss it in the washing machine or hand wash with mild detergent, and it will come out fresh and clean, ready for your next adventure 🧼

Gilet 🐾

HIGH QUALITY - This gilet is made from a high-quality combination of super soft Nylon & Polyester that provides a cosy and luxurious feel against your pet's fur. Designed to offer exceptional warmth, your dog will stay snug and comfortable 🥰
ADJUSTABLE – Designed with double buttons, ensuring a seamless fit and tangle-free experience 🔐
FASHIONABLE – The sleek and trendy design will make your furry friend stand out wherever you go. Elevate your pet's fashion game with this stylish gilet. Available in Maroon, Blue & Black 😎
FUNCTIONAL – Built-in D-ring, which can be effortlessly attached to your pet's ID tag or leash, ensuring their safety and security during walks or outings. (Do not attach D Ring to leash if your Dog pulls excessively hard on walks) 🦮
WASHABLE - The Gilet is also MACHINE WASHABLE. Just toss it in the washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle, and air-dry 🧼

More Info...

Feel free to display your dog in the clothing and accessories.

If you have been gifted multiple items, please showcase 1 item per video (you can only tag one product per video). If you are gifted 3 separate items, we would like 3 separate videos within 2 weeks of receiving the goods.

Feel free to create as many videos as you like with the products tagged. The more videos you create, the greater chance of you going viral! (making more commission) 🤑

More guidelines...

✨ Your videos can have different ideas/formats. Alongside the testimonial video (which should be spoken), you may incorporate music, challenges, reactions, dances, demonstrations, reviews, etc. Get those creative juices flowing!

🎤 At least one of your videos should be spoken, where you verbally explain the benefits of our product. This is best done through the form of an authentic review or unboxing video.

💡 The product itself is the main focus of the video.

📌 If the Puffy Heroes account comments on your video, please pin and like the comment.

🔒 All TikToks posted must be permanent and cannot be deleted.

❤️‍🔥 The video should portray your authentic self to appeal and grab the attention of your followers. We are greatly inclined to work with influencers in continued paid brand deals who's videos are unique, creative, and/or generate a substantial amount of engagement.

Terms of Agreement

Please review our transparent and clear terms to ensure that we are both on the same page. By working together, you agree to the following:

You currently reside in and have access to a shipping address in the United Kingdom.

You agree to create and post the specified quantity of content within 1 week after receiving the product, unless otherwise specified.

In the event that you are unable to create and deliver as agreed upon, you are obligated to return any and all products or pay full retail value of the product.

Any content made may be included in Puffy Heroes LTD ("Puffy Heroes") advertising campaigns, promotions, social media, website content, reposts, and through any other medium or platform under Kotch.

We're Excited To Work With You! 🎉🥳